Manual Therapy

Lowen Systems Dynamic Manual Interface, or DMI, is an advanced and comprehensive form of manual therapy that utilizes some of the most current research in the dynamics of the human body. DMI utilizes the body’s own self-corrective mechanisms to improve mobility and the internal balance of the body’s systems, fascia, muscles, and joints. Advanced practitioners interpret and facilitate specific, subtle rhythms in the body and are familiar with anatomy, bio-mechanics, and physiology.

As a form of Manual Therapy, DMI has the potential to help a wide range of physical conditions. Many situations that have not responded well to other forms of treatment can potentially respond well to this therapy.

DMI is different from all other forms of therapy such as massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic, Reiki, Rolfing, etc. After extensive research and training, the developer of DMI, Frank Lowen came to adopt the philosophy that symptoms in the body to not appear until the body’s ability to compensate has been exhausted. Furthermore, treating symptoms may bring temporary relief, but is often futile for providing long term results. DMI is a gentle form of manual intervention aimed at assisting the natural corrective process that the body continuously undertakes to achieve balance and restore health. The goal of a DMI session is not to “cure”, but to assist the body with its natural self-correction.

What DMI Is Not

DMI is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is not a form of esoteric healing and while there is an energetic component to the work, it is also not considered “energy work”.

What is a DMI Manual Therapy Session Like?

The DMI practitioner uses a light touch over areas of the body where the subtle rhythms are out of balance. The client will be sitting or lying and will be fully clothed. Often, a client may feel noticeable difference or relief from symptoms during or shortly after a single session. However, with some conditions, it may take more sessions to feel a positive change.

Gentle therapy techniques designed to release the root causes of pain and dysfunction.

The Goal of using Manual Therapy and other manual therapies is not to fix or cure a condition but to promote long term changes for improving your body’s health by:

  • Recognizing and listening to the body’s patterns of compensation
  • Discerning which body systems are involved or compromised
  • Facilitating change by working with your body’s self-correcting mechanisms
  • Creating greater potential and possibilities for movement, recovery, improved health and well-being


    • Significant/full relief from symptoms
    • Positive changes in each session
    • Improved physical movement
    • Release abnormal tensions
    • Assist your body in self-correcting

Manual Therapy addresses the physical and energetic restrictions inhibiting your health. Obstacles in our lives such as accidents, illness and physical and emotional stress can create these restrictions. As a result when our bodies struggle to self-correct and are not able to do so completely we compensate. These compensations may be evident in the form of tight muscles, restricted movement, sleep disruption, sciatic pain, headache, back pain, frozen shoulder, general stiffness and others. These symptoms are our bodies’ cry for help. As BioValent Manual Therapists we may be able to assist the body to free up the restrictions by discerning and treating that which the body is having difficulty compensating for.